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Vera Makki 25 years experience VMCS

Across Industries Experience

The comprehensive services offered by VMCS are based on a combination of hands-on experience in the corporation and as a professional PR consultant with over 25 YEARS of experience working in leading multinational companies across industries.

Vera Makki consistently engages with key stakeholders in Public Relations, Communication, Public Affairs, and Social Responsibility.

Her unique experience and in-depth insights make her better understand what corporations as clients want from a PR Agency.

Under the leadership of Vera Makki, the VMCS team works in an agile, professional, and relevant manner for the client’s reputation and communication needs.

VMCS offers a wide array of services:

Issues & Crisis Communications

Our issues and crisis communications service is designed to help clients respond quickly and effectively to crises, minimize damage to their reputations, and protect their long-term interests. These include risk assessment, media monitoring and social listening, crisis planning, and rapid response to the media and key stakeholders.

Strategic Communications

Our services in strategic communications are designed to help clients develop and implement communication strategies that support business objectives, build brand reputation, and engage the target audience effectively. The range of work is tailor-made according to the client’s needs, from communication strategy development, messaging development, content creation, media relations, digital marketing, and branding to increase visibility.

Public Relations & Campaign

Our public relations and campaign management services are designed to help clients build strong relationships with their stakeholders, increase their visibility and engagement, and achieve their business goals. Implementation will be heavily on media relations, event planning, influencer engagement, social media management, and campaign management, including measurement and evaluation.

Employer Branding

Our services in employer branding are designed to help clients build a strong employer brand that attracts and retains the best talent, fosters employee engagement, and ultimately supports their business goals. The work includes internal communications, employer brand strategy development and messaging, talent attraction and recruitment marketing communication, employee engagement, and employer brand measurement and evaluation.

Public Affairs

Our services in Public Affairs are designed to help clients navigate complex regulatory and political environments, build relationships with key stakeholders, and achieve their business objectives through effective advocacy and engagement. We help clients to monitor and analyze the issue from media monitoring and gain insights from our network within respective stakeholders. The scope of implementation may include government relations, policy proposal development, policy advocacy, and stakeholder engagement.

Social Impact

Social impact is one of the strategic pillar at VMCS. The specific services offered will depend on the client’s needs and goals, starting from impact assessment, measurement, and evaluation, strategy and partnership development, program design and implementation according to the client’s social impact strategy and objective, capacity building, to communications and stakeholder engagement to build awareness and support for the client’s social impact initiatives.

Sustainability Communications

Our goal is to help clients communicate their sustainability efforts effectively, transparently, and in a way that resonates with their stakeholders while driving meaningful change and positive impact. Activities may include sustainability strategy development aligning with business objectives and goals, stakeholder engagement, as well as sustainability reporting, communications, and training.

ESG Communications

Our goal is to help clients effectively communicate their ESG efforts to stakeholders in a transparent, authentic, and impactful way that promotes trust, drives positive change, and enhances their reputation. We offer several services, such as ESG strategy development, stakeholder engagement, and ESG reporting, communications, and training.

Media Relations

We aim to help clients build positive relationships with the media, communicate their messages effectively, and protect their reputations in a rapidly changing media landscape. To have strategic media relations, we offer comprehensive services with work that may include media strategy development, media outreach and pitching, daily media monitoring and analysis, crisis communications, and media training.

Corporate Communications

Corporate communication is essential for building and maintaining a company’s reputation, enhancing customer loyalty, engaging employees, mitigating crises, and improving investor relations. Our goal is to help clients build a solid corporate reputation, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and enhance brand value through strategic and impactful internal and external communications. Our offers range from developing corporate messaging, media monitoring and analyzing social media sentiment, building thought leadership through speaking and exposure opportunities to the right target audience and awarding, leadership communications, as well as change and transformation communications.

Digital & Social Media

How can we assist a client with digital and social media? From the communications strategy and objectives, VMCS can develop a digital and social media strategy, identify this space’s target audience, and create and curate content, including blog posts, social media updates, infographics, videos, and other forms of digital content.

Our social media management service helps clients manage their social media accounts by monitoring and responding to comments and messages, creating and scheduling social media posts, and analyzing social media analytics to measure the success of the client’s social media efforts.

We also offer clients from influencer outreach, analytics and reporting with agreed metrics to a comprehensive online reputation management service.

Internal Communications

Internal stakeholders must come first before polishing our image externally. In this regard, our goal is to help clients win the heart of internal stakeholders by providing services ranging from internal communications audits, strategy development, internal content creation and curation, messaging and positioning, training and workshop to increase employees’ capacity building on communications, and develop crisis communication planning for internal audiences, all of which with measurement and evaluation.

Change Communications

Change is inevitable in business and is part of business life. The role of change communications becomes increasingly important to ensure the transition is appropriately communicated to the key stakeholders. VMCS deeply understands; hence offers to serve clients to develop change communication strategy and planning, create stakeholder mapping, and conduct employee engagement activities.

Research & Data-driven PR

PR works should be based on research and data before creating a strategy and implementation planning. VMCS strongly suggests our clients conduct research as a foundation to develop a communications strategy and other related communications efforts. We help clients save time and budget by conducting initial research before jumping into tactics and activities. We offer clients to do research planning, data analysis and interpretation, message testing, media and influencer analysis, perception audit, campaign measurement and evaluation, and competitive analysis.

Corporate Training

Through VMCS Academy, we serve clients through various training and workshops to help employees develop the skills they need to communicate effectively, promote the client’s brand and values, and contribute to the client’s overall success.

Topics of professional development include soft skills such as leadership communications skills and technical skills such as press release development, PR campaign creation, techniques of measurement and monitoring, and many more.

Herewith is the Top List of training and workshop. We can also modify the topics according to the needs of the corporations:

For training and workshop inquiry: academy@vmcsadvisory.com