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CARE (Yayasan Care Peduli)

Logo Yayasan Care Peduli

As part of CARE Global based in the US, Yayasan Care Peduli, which has been present in Indonesia since 1967 and officially became Yayasan CARE Peduli in 2016, has focuses, among others, on gender justice and social inclusion.

VMCS helps CARE increase awareness on social issues and concrete steps taken by CARE through campaigns during World Humanitarian Day and 16 Days of Activism in partnership with UN Women.

Services include media relations, webinar, stakeholder engagement, media visit, media field trip, and story pitch.

Among news coverage are: kompas.com, suara.com, kumparan, tribunnews, Nova, Fimela, beritasatu, IDNtimes, Nakita, Antaranews, Indopos, Bisnis.com. Vivanews, Liputan6, KBR, Mother and beyond, Kedaulatan Rakyat, Parapuan, MNC Trijaya, Republika, Kontan, Tempo English, and Gatra.