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World public relations in the latest era have penetrated the digital world. This makes the name of “Digital PR” familiar to your ears. In general, digital PR is people who carry out public relations activities using online media such as the internet, social media and others.

Communicating digitally is a challenge for us. As PR, we must be smart to organize strategically planned activities. To increase efficiency at work, there are some tools you can use. The following are some tools that can help your performance:

1. Google Analytics
Google is one of the tools that make human work easier in this digital era. One of the products is Google Analytics. It provides a variety of tools that can help you as a PR. You can collect visitor information, aggregate traffic, analyze the content and character of the company. This aims to facilitate the collection of information and reach the target audience more effectively.

2. SEO
For PR who works with websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) must be familiar to your ears. Websites are a matter of great concern for companies, agencies, or organizations, which cannot be separated from the use of SEO. SEO is a tool used to optimize a website to rank at the top of searches onGoogle.. One of the tools used for SEO is Google Search Console. Through this tool, you can find popular keywords that can be used as references for your writing. In addition, this tool can also help so that your website can be indexed by google and provide notifications on which pages cannot be indexed by google. The good thing is you can also get these tools for free.

3. Google Trends
The giant company Google never runs out of ideas to develop products. The Google Trends tool can display graphs of web statistics based on search topics and popularity over some time. Seeing trending topics, Google Trends can also display the latest news. In Google Trends , brand searches also appear from time to time. The data displayed can be divided by city, region, or language. So that all these benefits can provide convenience in knowing trends more effectively, especially for a PR.

4. BuzzSumo
The use of social media in managing a business is a good option to use. Tools has several features that will make it easier for PR to find out about a client’s business or competitors. One of them is Content Insight tool which makes it easy to find business content and things that are trending. It sounds quite similar to Google Trends, but BuzzSumo content is not limited to Google searches, it can be found on every platform. Moreover, the Competitor Analysisfeature can also be used to analyze what trends are uploaded by competitors.

There are 4 must-have tools to help you as a PR person. Which tools have you tried?

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